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    1. For all service requests that utilize grant, please remind your supervisor to request for budget utilization in UResearch and use ULab quotation as the attachment. Service requests may only begin after UResearch approval.
    2. Please be notified that APPROVAL from ULab/CRT is compulsory before you are allowed to enter UTP. Kindly display the approval email to the security personnel at the main gate.
    3. All students must conduct Safety and Locality declaration (one time only) before start booking for equipment, else your equipment booking will not be approved by the approver. 
    4. As previous practise all ICT Labs still remain 100% running online or so  called E-Lab. Since the beginning of COVID19 Pandemic both Lab Session and Projects ( FYP/Msc/PHd/ Subject based project/Competition ) request that required PC for Design and Simulation will make an official request through UCS for record and monitoring purposes. Not to be confused between ICT Lab and Eng Lab where ICT Labs is not open for reservation in iLab System due to difficulty in making individual PC booking using ULab Portal. Continues from previous practise, students  are not allowed to physically accessed PC in ICT Labs. However, students can apply through UCS Portal for laboratory lab session work and project work by simulation method via VPN and Remote Desktop that can be accessed from home or UTP Hostel.



UTP have started to transition access of all laboratory and equipment scheduling to an Online Lab Management System. For UTP Staff or Student login, please use your UTP authentication. 

For First time user registration (internal):

    1. FYP I Students - Please search for "FYP Group 2022 (UTP) Lab" for ULab Group.
    2. FYP II Students - Please search for "FYP Group 2021 (UTP) Lab" for ULab Group.
    3. PG Students - Please search for your Supervisor's name for ULab Group.
    4. ISDP / SIDP Students - Please search for "ISDP / SIDP Group (UTP) Lab" for ULab Group.
    5. ETP Students - Please search for "ETP (UTP) Lab" for ULab Group.

For external academic institution or external commercial organisation, please sign up for a local iLab account for access - Click Here

If you have any queries related to either access to this system or you aren't sure which platform may have the right solution for you - Please raise a ticket in UCS


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iLab Cores at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Centralised Analytical Laboratory (CAL) Chemical

Nor Hashila Mohd Hirmizi 05-3688215
Centralised Analytical Laboratory (CAL) Material

Nor Hashila Mohd Hirmizi 05-3688215
Centralised Analytical Laboratory (CAL) Physical

M Khairul Anuar B Jamaludin 05-3687338
Centralised Storeroom

Adli bin Yusof +6053687196
EPIC - Fabrication

Noorsyawaliza Idris 05-3688326
ICT Lab & Altair Services

Ruslan B Idris 05-3687482
Institute of Autonomous System (IAS)

Musa B M Yusuf 05-368 7855
Institute of Contaminant Management (ICM)

Suleiman Hakimi B Zainal Abidin 05-368 7541
Institute of Health & Analytics (IHA)

Assoc. Prof. Dr Ahmad Majdi bin Abdul Rani 05 - 368 7155
Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR)

Mior Rosgiazhar B Mior Sofli 05-368 7140
Institute of Self-Sustainable Building (ISB)

Wan Nabihan bt Wan Sulaiman  05-368 7975 
Institute of Transportation Infrastructure (ITI)

Ahmad Shahrul Ahmad 05-368 7220
LMG Planning & Asset Management

Mohd Afizal B Abdul Razak 053687880
LMG Quality, Statutory & Compliance

Mohd Shairul Bin Harun 6053687941
Research Lab - Others

Shaiful Hisham bin Samsudin 053687060
Teaching Lab 1 - Electrical

Noralyza Binti Mohammed Tamjis 05-368 7897
Teaching Lab 1 - Electronic 1

Noralyza Bt Mohammed Tamjis 05-3687897
Teaching Lab 1 - Electronic 2

Badrulnizam Bin Ni @ Abdul Rani 05-3687860
Teaching Lab 1 - Electronic 3

Badrulnizam Ni @ Abdul Rani 05-3687860
Teaching Lab 1 - ISDP

Muhammad Alif Afiq Bin Ahmad Rahim 05-3687854
Teaching Lab 1 - Physics 1

Saiful Nizam Bin Ismail 05-368 7105
Teaching Lab 1 - Physics 2

Azmer Bin Mohd Razari 05-368 7141
Teaching Lab 2 - Civil

Suhaila Bt Meor Hussin 05-3687335
Teaching Lab 2 - Mechanical

Jani Bin Alang Ahmad 05-3687034
Teaching Lab 2 - Petroleum

Shahrul Rizzal Bin Md.Yusof 05-3687095
Teaching Lab 2 - Thin Section

Mohd Najib Bin Temizi 05-3687094
Teaching Lab 3 - Applied Chemistry

Ridzuan bin Abdullah 05-368 7656
Teaching Lab 3 - ChemEng

Muhammad Firdaus bin M Hashim 05-368 7195
Teaching Lab 3 - Geoscience

Mohd Najib bin Temizi 05 3687586

non-iLab Cores at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext