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Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR)


Getting Started

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Overview of Services

The Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR) was formed in September 2017 to encompass thrust research areas in subsurface hydrocarbon, seismic imaging, enhanced oil recovery, carbonate reservoir, improving drilling technologies and obtaining higher recovery factors from unconventional hydrocarbon resources.
Our Vision is to be a global reference point for sustainable oil and gas E&P industry. We wish to be recognised as a partner of choice in Oil and Gas Research globally. We maintain strong international relationship with all our partners and we are committed to provide superior quality services and we do this by empowering our research with the latest technology.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syahrir Ridha,
Director, Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR)

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM       

Ground Floor ( Wing A) , Research & Development Building, UTP  

Links and Resources

Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR)

IHR Research Centre and Group

Centre of Research for Enhanced Oil Recovery

South East Asia Carbonate Laboratory (SEACaRL)

Centre of Seismic Imaging (CSI)

Electromagnetic & Boltzmann-Ocean & Subsurface Centre (EMBOS)

Basin Studies Research Group (BSRG)

Shale Gas Research Group (SGRG)

Wells Research Group (WRG)



Name Role Phone Email Location
Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR) Admin Office




Mior Rosgiazhar B Mior Sofli
Technologist (COREOR, SGRG, CoSI)
05-368 7140
Ahmad Shahrul B Ahmad
Technologist (CAREM, TS, SIMM, CSI)
05-368 7220
Block N-1
Azirawati Bt Aziz
Technologist (CISIR, SMART, CSI)
05-368 7819