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HICoE Centre for Biofuel and Biochemical Research

Overview & Aspiration

Recognized as a Centre of Excellence in 2013 and was conferred with the National Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HICoE) award by Ministry of Higher Education in 2019, HICoE-CBBR strives to be the leading center and the partner of choice for biomass research in Asia. HICoE-CBBR performs innovative research related to biomass utilization that benefits to the society, environment, and industry through knowledge discoveries and advancement of technologies. It is our prime objective to be a research center for biomass utilization where leading research is conducted and funding is secured, to produce the best biomass utilization researchers and engineers in Asia and to be a key member of global alliance of top biomass utilization centers.


Advanced Integrated Membrane System (AIMS)

Overview & Aspiration





Wan Nabihan bt Wan Sulaiman


Institute of Self Sustainable Building (ISB)



Exe Research LMD
05-368 7299

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday               

 8am - 5pm

CBBR, Block 4, 5 & Block P

AIMS, Block J. Level GF


Name Role Phone Email Location
Wan Nabihan bt Wan Sulaiman
Institute Executive (ISB)
05-368 7975 
Chai Yee Ho
Research Scientist 
05-368 8216 
CBBR, Block P 
Dr Yoke Wang Cheng
Postdoctoral Researcher 
CBBR, Block P 
Dr Mustakimah Bt Mohamed
Postdoctoral Researcher 
CBBR, Block P 
Dr Muzamil Abdalla M Hassan
Postdoctoral Researcher> 
CBBR, Block 4 & 5 
Normi Izzati
Research Officer (AIMS) 
AIMS, Block J, Level GF 
Alwani Shafie
Research Officer (AIMS) 
AIMS, Block J, Level GF 
Bilawal Ahmed
Researcher (STARC)
Solar Research Site (STARC)
Sinan Salman Al-Hakeem
Researcher (STARC)
17-01-07 (STARC)
Meor Asniwan
Technologist (CBBR, STARC, CURES)
05-368 7307
Khairul Anwar B Ahmad
Technologist (CCR, CenCoU, AIMS, B18-00-01)
05-368 7267
R&D Building, Block B Level 2
Mior Rosgiazhar B Mior Sofli
Technologist (COREOR, SGRG, CoSI)
05-368 7140

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