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Institute of Autonomous System (IAS)


Getting Started

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Overview of Services

The institute of Autonomous Systems (IAS) of University Teknologi PETRONAS was formed to look into research elements of autonomous facilities. Digitalization and cyberspace networking of current and new industries, opens new facet on data driven research. The institute research focus looks into entire value of chain of facilities of future. From smart sensor to material that made up of current modern devices to new edge wireless transmission for fast and efficient data transfer in order to control intelligently plant of future using smart instruments. The institute also has the research capability on smart grid integration of renewable/new energy adaptation for smart structure to increase efficiency on energy needs. In order to integrate these above mention hard elements, the institute research also extend to embedded software integration in form of firmware to large scale solutions which include both high performance computing facilities and cloud storage solutions. 


To be renowned institute in research development and consultancy for autonomous facilities


To form a nexus with relevant and right industries for smart solutions in the following areas of interest,

  • Smart sensors and devices for efficient and robust sensing and data transmission
  • Smart intrumentation and process optimization for plant of future
  • Smart structure and new energy solutions for field of future
  • Smart software and computing infrastructure solutions for industry of future


M Fadzil B Hassan - AP Prof Dr
Institute Director

Khairul Azfar B Zahri
Senior Executive

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location  
  Block 01-00-01, Positive Computing (PC)  
  Block 02-00-11, Centre for Research in Data Science (CERDAS)  
 Monday - Friday Block 13-01-03, Offshore Engineering Center (OEC)  
 8am - 5pm Block 20-02-02, Mathematical and Statistical Science (MaSS)  
  Block 22-01-08, 11, 12, Center for Systems Engineering (CSE)  
  Block J-1, Offshore Engineering Center (OEC)  
  Block N-3, Block P-3, Centre of Innovative Nanostructure and Nanodevices (COINN)  
  Block P-1, Annular Flow Fouling Research (AFFR)  

Block P-2, High Performance Cloud Computing Centre (HPC3)


Links and Resources

IAS Website



Name Role Phone Email Location
Musa B M Yusuf
Lead Technologist (COINN, CERDAS, B20-01-10)
05-368 7855
Zaaba B Mohammad
Senior Technologist (HPC3, CPSE, B05-01-13)
05-368 7351
Siti Hawa Bt Tahir
Lead Technologist (CSE, PC, B22-00-15)
05-368 7193
R&D Building, Block B Level 3
Meor Asniwan B Mew Ghazali
Lead Technologist (OEC)
Block J-2