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Teaching Lab 1 - EE Block 23


Getting Started

It is COMPULSORY to all laboratory users to PASS the assessment and show the lab personnel your Safety Passport Certificate prior entering the laboratory.

Kindly click HERE for the enrolment guideline.
Go to (ULearn) “or” (ULearnX), sign in, enrol the “LMG Safety Passport” module, and complete the assessment.

Overview of Services

Laboratory Management Department (LMG) Teaching and Learning section was given the mandate to maintain the overall laboratory performance standard by University Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) management.

Teaching & Learning  (T&L) laboratories are ISO 9001 certified  including a few laboratory accredited with ISO 17025. 

Our technologist are certified by Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBOT) and certified First Aider.

Services offered includes booking of equipment and assistance demonstrating the use of laboratory equipment at your preferences.

Safety has always be given priority by LMG, therefore all activity in T&L laboratories wil be supervised by technologist.


Mohamad Zairi B Mohd Zohaidi 
05 3687943

M Hasrul Firdaus B Rostam 
05 3687817



Location and hours of operation

Hours Location
Monday - Friday                 

9am - 5pm   

1pm - 2pm (Lunch Break) 
Power Systems       23-00-08
Electrical Machines  23-00-10
Power Electronics    23-01-14
Digital Electronics Lab 23-02-02 
SPI Lab 23-00-07
Electrical Machines 23-00-10    
Power System 23-00-08
Power Electronic Lab 23-01-14
Microprocessor Lab 23-02-07
Control Systems lab 23-02-08    
DCN Lab       23-02-13
Instrumentation Workshop 23-00-02
Design And Project Lab       23-01-11  
Plant Process Control System 23-00-06


Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
M Hasrul Firdaus B Rostam
Block 20
Muhammad Alif Afiq A. Rahim
Senior Technologist
23- 00- 03
Badrulnizam Ni @ Abdul Rani
Senior Technologist
Mohd Zuraimi B Rahman
Lead Technologist