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Institute of Contaminant Management (ICM)


Getting Started

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Overview of Services

Institute of Contaminant Management (ICM) is one of the institutes in UTP that specializes in conducting research and developing efficient technology to monetize natural gas from the unexplored gas field. ICM provides lab facilities and various technique in research, bringing students to have the opportunity to pursue knowledge in contaminant management for oil and gas.

Conversion of Biomass Resources through Sustainable and Green Technologies to Produce Greener Products for Benefits of Society, Environment and Industries. Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass relates to 12 Green Chemistry Principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and applications of chemical products


To be a globally recognised industrial partner of choice for R&D in oil and gas containment management.


  • To provide opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge through research in contaminant management for oil and gas
  • To build close partnership with industries through strategic alliance for providing innovations and solutions in contaminant management for oil
  • To collaborate with relevant authorities and institution as a reference paint to disseminate knowledge and technology in contaminant


Azmi B M Shariff - Prof Dr
Institute Director

Anis Nadilla Bt Ahmad
Senior Executive

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location  
  R&D Building, Center of Advance Process Safety (CAPS)  
  R&D Building, Center of Contaminant Control & Utilization (CenCoU)  
 Monday - Friday R&D Building, CO2 Research Center (CO2RES)  
 8am - 5pm Block 04-01-02, Centre of Research in Ionic Liquid (CORIL)  
  Block 05-01-13, Geopolymer Lab  
  Block 17-02-14, Advance & Functional Material (AFM)  
  Block I-1, Centre for Corrosion Research (CCR)  
  Block I-2, Centre of Flow Assurance (CFA)  
  Block N-3, Catalytic Reaction Lab (CARE)  
  Block N-4, Centre of Flow Assurance (CFA)  

Links and Resources

ICM Website



Name Role Phone Email Location
Suleiman Hakimi B Zainal Abidin
Lead Technologist (CAPS, CORES, CORIL, Petrochemical Lab)
05-368 7541
R&D Building, Level 1, CAPS Office
Nurliyana Masiran
Research Officer (CenCoU)
R&D Building, Block B Level 1
Khairul Anwar Ahmad
Lead Technologist (CCR, CenCOu, AIMS)
05-368 7267
R&D Building, Block B Level 2
Hazlin Hazlina Bt Zainun
Lead Technologist (ABMMG, CFA)
05-368 7068
Izhatul Imma Bt Yusri
Technologist (B05-01-5,06,07,08)
05-368 7594
Zaaba B Mohammad
Senior Technologist (OEC, HPC3, B05-01-13, CPSE)
05-368 7351
Musa B M Yusuf
Lead Technologist (COINN, CERDAS, B20-01-10)
05-368 7855
Suhaili Bt Mohd Sauri
Lead Technologist (B20-02-10,11)
05-368 7856
Hazniza binti Mohd Hanif
Lead Technologist (AFM)
05-368 7061
M Jamalulhaq M Puad
Research Officer(CCR)
Blk I1,CCR