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Dear esteemed ULAB users, upon consent by the UTP-CRT, EPIC is back to operation. Kindly submit your requisition through ULAB as usual. Looking forward in supporting our valued stakeholders.


Epic - Circuit Board

Getting Started

  • For First Time user, please click HERE to request for Safety Declaration (one time only).
  • Core Member will approve the Safety Declaration service at most by 2 working days.
  • For Project basis user, no training is required. Please click HERE to select our available services.

Overview of Services

(A) About us: All services can be obtained at the following labs:

  1. 22-00-17, PCB Fabrication.
  2. 22-00-08, Project Laboratory.
  3. 22-00-12 & 13, ISDP Lab
  4. 22-00-03, Workshop.      

(B) Services: The main services provided here are:

  1. Printed Circuit Board Fabrication,
  2. Providing equipment for testing/measuring electrical circuit, and soldering work,
  3. Providing equipment for workmanship.  

(C) Equipment provided:

  1. Workstation that has been installed software for PCB design and editing work; EAGLE, GC power station, routerpro, isocam.
  2. PCB fabrication; photoploter, CNC drilling, laminator, UV exposure, developing/etching  and PCB shear cutter.
  3. Testing and measuring electrical circuits; power supply unit, function generator, LCR meter, osciloscope, multimeter, intelligent counter, AC / DC power supply, AC power source.
  4. Soldering; smoke absorber 4 extractor, HAKKO 94, HAKKO 936, HAKKO 701, 809 desoldering gun, 907 soldering iron, Weller soldering and desoldering station, Weller micro soldering station, Weller hot air rework system, Automatic lead-free reflow oven, professional dispenser Dotty, professional SMT pick and place.
  5. General fabrication work, cutting and drilling; Laser cutting and engrave, 3D Printer, portable table saw (250mm), scroll saw, slite miter saw, grinder."


Isnani B Alias
Lead Technologist

Muhamad Syamim B Hasbullah Halmi

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday                     
9am - 5pm

1pm - 2pm (Lunch Break) 

22-00-03, 08, 16 and 17 of Block 22,
Engineering Prototyping & Innovation Center,
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Noorsyawaliza Idris
Senior Technical Assistant
EPIC, Block 16
Isnani B Alias
Lead Technologist
Ground Floor, Block 22